We use rates directly from USPS [United States Postal Service] on our website to determine shipping prices and times. The shipping estimate is the time that it takes to ship the items to your house. That does not include the time to process and package the item, which can be an extra 1-2 business days,

If for any reason you do not receive your package after the estimated time and your tracking information states that you have received the package, please contact us immediately at and we will help you contact USPS.


Because we are currently a one-person operation and also a shop that sells gently worn, pre-owned clothing items, we have a limited return policy. We detail the condition that the item is in on the product page and disclose any and all pertinent information regarding the fit and quality of the item. Please pay careful attention to this information before purchasing your item. If you received an item and it is not what you expected, please file a claim by emailing us at with a subject line as so: RETURN INQUIRY [insert order number here]. We cannot accept items that have already been worn, items that were not expected quality, and we accept limited returns with sizing issues. 

Exchanges are not accepted on any orders.